Thursday, May 28, 2009

Farewell #1

hello there.

i guess this is gonna be my last day in melaka b4 i go back to my hometown tomorrow..
gonna miss melaka,my homies here,my girlfrens, classmet, jessica( owh she's the poor cats which suddenly came to our house and delivered babies here.For consequence, our house have 5 kittens which dun have any names yet.because all of them are black n grey,
i just called them the black society.)

i'll be doing my industrial training starting on 8th June.hmm...
i just wondering wat the job that will ask me to do there kan.nevermind, just go with the flow.In fact, it's not just me there doing the practical there.I have partner.So, me and my partner KAMEL will be there.heheh..

so i guess that's all for me now.i will try my best to frequetly update with all of u when i in kluang.