Sunday, May 10, 2009


it's been a long tym since my last entry..
so i think some ppl might says this blog is abandoned oredi..
i think it too..but wat can i do..a lots of work + no story to tell to readers.
so i made my decision by leave this blog peacefully without any notice and entry.
anyway, many things change currently.i mean some ppl will graduating, some ppl will married soon, some ppl who meets new bf/'s life.

enuff bout the definitely nex week gonna be my final exam for this trimester.I think my last exam b4 i'll go for industrial training nex sem.
i'll be doing my practical at kluang.In TM, but i have to lapor diri at TM JB first..
scared, and excited coz dunno wat will happen soon.So nex sem i gonna be in my home sweet coz i can see my parents everyday.yeay.i hope i will not gain any weight nex sem coz its been a month i try to decrease my weight.yeay currently this is my ideal weight but still have lemak2 at my tummy.By august, i hope i can get six pack.matilah mcm senang jek nak dpt kan six pack.but i can try.heheh...

k la got to go..
i just wanna add sumting here since dah lama i not updated dis blog.
see u soon.

peace out.

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Affan Azami said...

thanks for updating ur life! i am keeping up