Thursday, June 27, 2013

Roziyusmazdianti Ibrahim Birthday

Hi hello,

Today is her birthday.Surprisingly, i still don't wish her yet. (yeah notty boy, i know). So this is the proof that i remember today is her birthday. Yeah, God knows how eager i wanna wish her today. But, i think i wanna be da last person to wish her today.Well, wish me luck.

I can see she is a bit emoish (i guess) since i don't wish her till now.Kat line type sepatah2.hikhik. Well, this post is a live proof to show her just in case she don't believe. Yeah, i write here coz i know she won't check my blog. So, its just safe to write in here.Huhu.

Last year, i got to hear her "suara bangun tido" coz i'm d first 1 to wish her. So why don't be da last one this year pulak kan? Yeah, its a bit risky to play this game on her birthday today. but, i hope everything's gonna be fine.

So, shout out to my girl:


Can't wait to see you if you come to KL this week.

P/s: i know i'm not a romantic boyfriend right? jangan marah ar..ingt senang ke nak tahan nafsu nak wish lambat2 ni.


Friday, June 14, 2013

hello there Tinta Ganjil

Well, its so sudden when i finally remember that i used to tell & share my story here. 
Terbiar dah blog ni.lama siak.
Well i guess lets just not abandon this blog anymore.perhaps?
Well too much media, too many social networks but i think, nothing beats the classic,blog.

Tetiba rasa nak menulis balik sebab i think lots of things in my head right now. Well i hope what i share will not make the controversial entry, offended & many more. At least i try to be honest here. Shall we?

1) aku rase aku ada masalah. too many negative vibes now in myself:

1) lazy
2) procrastinator
3) demotivated
4) passive
5) rebel
6) take things for granted

2) Aku teringin sangat nak tukar tempat kerja & kerja baru. Tapi kat tempat kerja lama, aku ada banyak pending work xsiap (due too highly demotivated &procrastinating attitude), office political, arghh.aku rase macam dead end. For the salary i get now, aku rase bersyukur but on the part, aku seriously xenjoy ape aku buat. i didnt do it happily. Aku penah apply nak tukar department, but somehow kena reject n everything has to go through boss. Well, aku mcm xpuas ati since it is my career path. not giving me any opportunity to go to that interview first.mmg aku agak bengang, tapi entah, nak argue pon mcm membazir air liur.baik buat bodo n try to settle my current & pending workloads yg aku xde semangat nak siapkan.

3) Arghh terlalu banyak benda yang aku nak buat, tapi aku rasa aku ni malas nak mampos.kekadang aku ni bengang jgk dgn diri sendiri, tapi entah 1 side of myself macam tak kesah langsung,haihhh....

AKu seriusly tatau apa nak buat.if ada nasihat aku amat la berterima kasih. cuma aku selalu bertanya,

"sampai bila?"