Thursday, May 28, 2009

Farewell #1

hello there.

i guess this is gonna be my last day in melaka b4 i go back to my hometown tomorrow..
gonna miss melaka,my homies here,my girlfrens, classmet, jessica( owh she's the poor cats which suddenly came to our house and delivered babies here.For consequence, our house have 5 kittens which dun have any names yet.because all of them are black n grey,
i just called them the black society.)

i'll be doing my industrial training starting on 8th June.hmm...
i just wondering wat the job that will ask me to do there kan.nevermind, just go with the flow.In fact, it's not just me there doing the practical there.I have partner.So, me and my partner KAMEL will be there.heheh..

so i guess that's all for me now.i will try my best to frequetly update with all of u when i in kluang.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

xda ape yg istimewa

exam is over now.woohooo...
and how's the exam??
hmmm.... i dunno..just hope for the best.(matilah ayat motivated,padahal stadi last minit kan.)

so,i'm officially free from this so called war..yearr..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


entri ni utk cik seroja..

arini dah ari ke-1000 kite bersame..wah cam xpercaya jek..1000 ari..lame tuh.
saye dah lame dah xjumpe awak..rindu kat awak..dah lama xsakat,usik,belai,kacau makan bersama dgn awak.
td pagi ngan petang dpt mms dari awak.terubat rindu sy kat awak..
awak dah kurus skit skang..mungkin sebab rindu kat saya..
ye arr gefren mane xrindu kat boifren die?
kiter pon same awak.tiap2 ari sblom tido kiter tgk gambo yg koyak tu.
awak jgn risau,saya dah stapler dah gambo tuh.nmpk kool x??
hahaha..saya malas nak tulis surat dan hantar ke alamat awak.jadik saya tulis entri nih utk awak.
k la awak..saya harap kite akan dapat bersama selamanya.

sayang selamanya,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dia Datang

tora datang lagi...

dengan minggu memerah otak...
ya minggu-minggu menggunakan otak(xkisahla otak kiri ke kanan),fizikal dan mental sepenuhnya.pada minggu ini byk muka2 baru,muka2 yg kluar dari sarang persembunyian,sedia berjuang di medan perang.xkurang juga muka berlebam hitam bawah mata.(itulah pencapaian!)
sbb ape??
sebab exam final la~~.

maka,kepada warga2 MMU sekelian,
selamat menjawab peperiksaan akhir semester dengan jayanya..
semoga yg terbaik..!!

dah2 aku nak sambung belajar.(belajar ke??)..

peace out.

Monday, May 11, 2009


its been a great day to wake up early in da morning.
u can see the dawn change to morning..
and what on earth make me wanna wake up early this morning????

the answer is lynn..
who is lynn?? my mistress??my future-ex-gf??, not.she is my ride.yes,i named my bike lynn..

today,i "bathed" lynn..feel pity to her solid body.
got some mudd,habuk2 here and that's y i bathed her.
if not, dun u wish i'm gonna wake up dis early.i mean i woke up up early but after the prayer i continue my sleep la of course.huhuh.

so today, i got presentation at 11 am with my team mates.Embedded sys.Our project finished and working.hopefully everything gonna be just fine.

i'm thinking of going back home and 1 more reason y i bathed lynn just now.heheh..must look clean and cool to go back that, sejuk mate parents memandang.but i haven't decide whether wanna go back or not.its just i'm scared if study nothing nex week will be our final.hmmm...

ok la.that's all for me..
some might says this guy start kemaruk to update blog again..
no, i just think that i should write again as therapy to my tensionness nih.

peace out.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


it's been a long tym since my last entry..
so i think some ppl might says this blog is abandoned oredi..
i think it too..but wat can i do..a lots of work + no story to tell to readers.
so i made my decision by leave this blog peacefully without any notice and entry.
anyway, many things change currently.i mean some ppl will graduating, some ppl will married soon, some ppl who meets new bf/'s life.

enuff bout the definitely nex week gonna be my final exam for this trimester.I think my last exam b4 i'll go for industrial training nex sem.
i'll be doing my practical at kluang.In TM, but i have to lapor diri at TM JB first..
scared, and excited coz dunno wat will happen soon.So nex sem i gonna be in my home sweet coz i can see my parents everyday.yeay.i hope i will not gain any weight nex sem coz its been a month i try to decrease my weight.yeay currently this is my ideal weight but still have lemak2 at my tummy.By august, i hope i can get six pack.matilah mcm senang jek nak dpt kan six pack.but i can try.heheh...

k la got to go..
i just wanna add sumting here since dah lama i not updated dis blog.
see u soon.

peace out.