Monday, May 11, 2009


its been a great day to wake up early in da morning.
u can see the dawn change to morning..
and what on earth make me wanna wake up early this morning????

the answer is lynn..
who is lynn?? my mistress??my future-ex-gf??, not.she is my ride.yes,i named my bike lynn..

today,i "bathed" lynn..feel pity to her solid body.
got some mudd,habuk2 here and that's y i bathed her.
if not, dun u wish i'm gonna wake up dis early.i mean i woke up up early but after the prayer i continue my sleep la of course.huhuh.

so today, i got presentation at 11 am with my team mates.Embedded sys.Our project finished and working.hopefully everything gonna be just fine.

i'm thinking of going back home and 1 more reason y i bathed lynn just now.heheh..must look clean and cool to go back that, sejuk mate parents memandang.but i haven't decide whether wanna go back or not.its just i'm scared if study nothing nex week will be our final.hmmm...

ok la.that's all for me..
some might says this guy start kemaruk to update blog again..
no, i just think that i should write again as therapy to my tensionness nih.

peace out.

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