Saturday, June 6, 2009

Enjoy my last day before known as "employee"

hello there.

its been a week since my last entry.on monday i'm going to start my nervous right now.hopefully everything going smooth and flawless.huhu...
so far, i dun prepared well.just bought 2 pairs of slacks coz my old one getting too big on me..heheh.owh... i just read my log book and the instructions on how to write a report later.hmmmm dis is da controversial part for me..(seriously).my lovely,sweety asset,MY HAIR.a week a go i dunno really giv a sheet about my hair.but today, my dad just said u have to cut a lil bit of ur dat u look nice.before dat, si affan also asked me to cut my hair.i know dat he is totally jealous wif my hair since his her is so little compare to my hair.his also not look as cool as my hair and what make him feel more jealous bout my hair is MY HAIR MESSY-NESS.He just can't accept he with the angel's spirit ask me to cut my hair,politely.huhuhuh.

After some advices from my fren,wan cheng,("cheng" is not his surname and he is not a chinese.cheng is name of place in malacca.)i decided not to cut my hair.i think it is not a big deal for them to accept my not-so-long hair(heheh).

omigod, too much story bout my hair..nazay2..xkesah la kan.dis is my blog.All and all,i can compromise with my hair.if they don't like,i will cut my hair.huhuh..

ok, that's all for me.for those who will start their internship,all the best for all of you and for those who don't, gudluck for nex sem and all the best.for my housemates especially nwa, please appreciate your freedom for this 4 months.i know u'll gonna miss me.sape la nak kacau ko,usik ko,ganggu idup ko ari2 kan kalo aku xde nnt.n dun forget to feed jessica and the kittens.


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Affan Azami said...

DEGIL! kerat jela rambut kau! hahahahha. takde makne aku nak menjeles bagai! weekkkk/ hahahhaa