Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tagged by Affanazami

salam.ok i got tagged by this fella.he wants me to include the 10 best picts.i dun like to take pictures.but somehow there's a lot of pics of myself.what r u gonna defined me??ya tenang2 aja.
ok without wasting my time n your time,see all of dis picts:

this pic looks cool coz it shows dat i'm sitting at the end of da high superhero plak.

i like this shows how 5-months baby boy held his milk bottle.i bet not many babies out there whose hold their milk bottle theirselves.

8i like my posture in this pics.dats ol.

7the good ol days.this is da pic of me when i was in my first year in MMU @ so called alpha year.this pic has a story behind it.just love the pic and da story.

6Her name is najwa.she's my anak sedara(dunno in english wat).just like her sincere.
dats y her pic in here.

di tepian pantai.
4 grup pic.i like grup pic.freestyle

i love to see ppl in this pic,there are many ppl

2senyum sampai ke pipi.xley sampai tlinga.but i will try.

1my most favourite.tendang2 sambil melompat.kredit to nodee to take this pic for me.hehe.

thanx,affan to give me this miserable tag.i said it so coz u will know once i tagged now i would like to tag sum ppl so that they can share the best pics dat they have.
ok the person is:

wan yana
dya rusli
tuai nakiwa
latip badboy
syuhadah ghazali
kang long@dila

korang seme,silalah la buat ye.


dya said...

waaa..da de blog di blogspot..welkam2..aku xmoh buat..sebab da buat dulu da..sile scroll ke bawah ye..hehehe

Sang Ganjil said...

tp tu laen suh buat.
ni aku plak suh buat.hahaha

maPieCeoFarT said...

pic no. 5 smart seyh... dgn jump shot tuh... cunnnnz.... =D

affanazami said...

Eamil Eamil comelansssssssssssss
nak jugak jumpe die n giget die. huhu. aku suke gamba number 10. aku tatau kalo ko pnah tgk muvee Tentang Dia which is THE only indonesian movie i like. Mud gamba ni mcm mud filem tu.. i like it. n no.1 tu, terima kaseh kerana inspired by my signature pose! terima kaseh. muahahhaha

p/s- thanks for doing it.

Sang Ganjil said...

wei mane bley aku lupe tentang die.
aku ske watak girl yg cam tomboy tuh.
dia sgt kool.emo.
huhu.sumpah aku xterinspired oleh signature pose ko.aku cume ske melompat.melompat bley turunkan brat bdn serta menyihatkan.



Leo Raj said...


nak majuk r. hmph.


maPieCeoFarT said...

u're most welcomed...
eyhh... do drop by my blog arh sometime... i got some similar shot mcm ur pic yg jalan kat pantai tu ~ yours is serious damn nice silhouette shot... yup...
kat blog sy tu ader link ke my flickr photostream gak... sila lah yaa... thanx... =D

fr34kshow said...

alamak bro.. aku tade gamba menarik r... yg ader asik dok shisha, kucen, shisha, katak2 shisha, dan shisha lagi... sangap bukan??
tp xpe.. nnt aku carik gamba2 lame klau ader... huhu...
thnx for tagging me dude...