Monday, June 16, 2008

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Answer truthfully..

Nickname:Nazir,nazay,azay,adik,ajey,apet,a.j,sang ganjil

Married: No.

Male/Female: Male

High school: Sekolah Tinggi Kluang,Johor

College: Multimedia University.

Are You A Healthy Freak?: Hell Yeahh!!!

Do You Have A Crush On Someone?: adala~~~

Current status: Single,not available and loving it

Do You Like Yourself: Yes

Is There Someone You Want To Be With Right Now?: Budak Tinggi yang skinny

I'm About To: Take a bath,solat then watch Ezora


Surgery:when i was in standard 5.circumcised

Person You See In The Morning:Syazone my roomie

Award: Pelajar terbersih masa darjah 3.

Sports You Join: Football

Vacation: went to air papan,mersing

Concert: sure heboh 2004


Playing: Fluorescent adolescent - Arctic Monkeys

Pending: to see shahnaz my gf

What's NEW: nwa br beli hp baru

Your future..

Want Kids: Twins

Want To Get Married: yes.

Careers In Mind: Engineer / Modern Farmer

Which is better?

Lips Or Eyes?: Eyes

Hugs Or Kisses?: kisses

Shorter Or Taller?: taller

Romantic Or Spontaneous?: spontaneous

Sensitive Or Loud?: loud

Troublemaker Or Hesitant?: neither

Have you ever..

Kissed A Stranger?: no.

Drank Bubbles: no

Lost Glasses / Contacts: no

Ran Away From Home: no.

Liked Someone Younger: currently

Broke someone's heart: always.

Been arrested: no.

Cried when someone died: yes.

Do you believe in..

Yourself: yes

Miracles: sometimes.

Magic: no.

Angels: yes (malaikat)

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affanazami said...

2 kali tagged aku! sib aku senang hati di tagged

Sang Ganjil said...

chill la kene tagged jek pon