Sunday, May 29, 2011

Change Is good

Salam.its been a few days back when i last updated this blog.Hey i'm back now.Actually yesterday i went to my coursemate's wedding.Congratz kak Baby.Now,u can put title Mrs at your name.Yeah, went to your friend's wedding is meaning to have small reunion with all your best friends right?So, finally after months not seeing each others, I can finally meet my 365/24/7 friends during the wed.yeay!

Its been a great moments to spend time with them, do the things we usually did.yeah, kind of sweet escape from your new routines in is a SWEET ESCAPE!.Hope to meet you guys again, Wan Cheng, Yana,Joj, Nur,Ika,Rased. Some of my friends are working with same company with mine but, we seldomly meet each other.ironic right?Well moving on.I'm going to talk bout change.yes.Changing.


here are the list of plans that i'm going to execute and hopefully i can do this before my 24th birthday:

1) lose 9kg coz doctor ask me to lose it for my own good.
2)Stop smoking
3)get a new gf and hopefully it will remains forever.hahahahah

These are 3 things i want to achieve before my 24th birthday.well for item 2 its cause me a world for me to lost it.Arghh, but i guess i have to change it for the sake of myself.
Well i will update what i have achieve from time to time.


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