Monday, February 2, 2009

Blalalalala again


i know its quite awhile i dun write anything i am..i am back.back to melaka.back to college semester.just began today.for first class which was at 8a.m ago, i think i really enjoy dat least for now although it gonna be tough soon.the lecturer said it gonna be lots of programming and coding.hmm....and y am i tell u about my class??owh my god,its really not me..huuhu..ok enough bout school..let's tell bout what am i done during the semester break:

1st week:

-joined the housemates/friends roadtrip to penang,kedah,langkawi and was really enjoyed and we had a lot of fun.will upload some of da pictures soon if if i'm not lazy.lalala~~~a lots of things dat i learned from da trip.hopefully we can make another roadtrip later.nakiwa,latip,syazone,nukman,ejoy u guys rocks..oh not to forget,i made myself a personal record.what's da record????being on train about 21 hours.from arau,perlis to kluang.although its not from the northest malaysia to southest malaysia,at least i'd made it..hehe..for the consequense,of course la my back was patah2.serious,it was hard for me to bend myself for about 2 @ 3 days.hehe..anyway it just fun having roadtrip with your friends and spent times together wif them..

2nd week:

-chilled at my room while watched gossip girls season 1.i know its very lame to watched gossip girls while others are waiting for new episode in season 2.i dun care.i just wanna watch it.oh before dat,i watched G.T.O (great teacher onizuka) full season.its a old series and its really cool.yeah!.
-filled in the MUET form.huhu

3rd week:

-played wif my nephew,eamil since my bro took an extra holiday for cny.(mcm die yg raya kan..).its about 2-3 months i dun see eamil.he's now can walk and very active kid.xtahan kekdg sebab byk kerenah.he will turn 1 year old on this 10/02.
-went to melaka for 2 days to take my bro's to menara taming sari and eye's on mesia.
-eats a lot coz i can't taste my mom's cook later.

this is what i'd done.this sem gonna be my last sem because i will go to industrial training for next i really wanna enjoy this sem so much..(mcm last sem final year la plak kan)..


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