Friday, October 10, 2008

exam raya

hey ho.selamat hari raya to all of u.for some ppl,i know there's no meaning of raya dis year coz they got exam.hey fellas,we are in the same boat.ok.throw that thing away first.

Today is 10th-day of raya.
i just had my basic economics,accounting and management during this morning.SO???
haha..i just wanna tell u.dah lama x i feel like writing sumting here,after i see my fren who can still updet his/her blog during exam week.exam will come,but life must go on.why can't we give a lil space to do sumting that we are enjoy to do kan??so here i am.updating my blog.hehe..
next week i'm gonna have 4 papers which is on MONday,TUESday,WEDnesday and SATurday.How's DAt??3 papers in 3 days?dats not worst compare to my fren who had 5 papers in 5 days dis week.pity her but i really saluted her who can survived and still breathing till today.TEPUK untuk ROZIETA.clap2....Rozie ko BATU la.
if u putting me in her shoes,i dunno whether i will survive or not.
mungkin mati di tgh jalan or i can survived it too.But i really hope that will be our last hectic sem exam schedule.matilah ari ahad pun ade lain mampu buat exam hari ahad??
hoho.ok i think i kinda relieved now by wrote all dis craps.thanx blogspot to make a medium for me to release tension.i'm looking forward for my sem break which on next week..balik kluang and continue raya.not forget pow usu to make her-best-that-i-can't compare-to-anything-else lempeng.hehe..i love her lempeng.for those who dunno what is lempeng,it is a food that u can similarize to pancakes.sedap.....
ok enough for now.jumpe lagi di laen rancangan..


Affan Azami said...

awak, lenkali letak lah tarikh exam! senang sket saye nak mengganggu

Sang Ganjil said...

xnak arr..
private sket.
paper aku 14,15,18 oktober.

Nor Shazwina Shahnaz said...

dapat butterfly award. sila tuntut dgn segera. neway get well soon.