Sunday, June 24, 2012

1 stick of cigar

Well a lot of story i heard bout this stick.
They said 1 cigar = -1 day of your life.
1 cigar = kill you slowly.

& many more of negative stories of this stuff. & how bout because of i'll remember u coz of 1 stick?

well, this incident happened to me yesterday while i'm on my way back to KL alone.
during the break, i'd my lunch & sat at the food court. Usually, after had my lunch, i smoked.
While i smoked, 1 uncle approached me,

Uncle: i want to buy a stick of your cigarettes & give me RM1.
Me: No, uncle, just take it.nevermind. (the thing is it really normal for me when someone pow your rokok while i'm doing da same thing when i'm i short of cigg)
Uncle: no,i insist to buy it.
Me: nevermind, just 1 cigg.u can have it. (he took it, & i lighted his cigg)

Me & this uncle had a conversation. we talked a lot. (the fact that we just met, & totally stranger kot.)

So, in the end this uncle said, "i'll remember u because of this 1 cigg."
Can i say that, we, the smokers actually the friendly & nice guy?
Yeah, kinda shocked cos i just met 1 stranger guy @ R&R coz of 1 cigg well, byk lagi sbnrnye kisah rokok yg cambest utk diceritakan.

No, i'm not promoting you to start smoke now.If i have choice, i'll quit, but well it might take a lil bit time for me to over it regarding to my environment, my life & i'm single(nah that's not the reason, but slowly i tell u deep inside i just want to get over this) another experience yet story from my life.hikhik

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