Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hari mengeluh

things getting harder for me.
Workloads, problems etc.

It reminds me how i use to tell all this to my late mom.Even though i can guess her answer, somehow its really comforting and make me calm. Almost all stuff i used to tell her.

Erm, since she passed away, well i used to keep all it inside. Some to my friends but somehow its not the same anyway.Kinda miss her now. Really miss her so much.

Sigh. Well live goes on.I should move on.Pity her if can't let her go right. Well, too late to say thanks to her but I'Allah i promise i will always pray for her there. Never ever get someone could replace her. Her voice, her last kiss, i can't always forget it. Hope it will be strengths for me to go through this. Relief.

I miss you Mak. Damn much.


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