Monday, December 26, 2011

Hectic week during final week of 2011

Hello there world.
How u miss me of not writing in this for awhile? (bajet ramai jek readers kat blog ni)
Ermm these past few weeks were really made me sick. thinking i should register myself for time management class.yeah, for me now time do really matters.
Remember Raihan's song - ingat 5 perkara, yeah my situation now is
"lapang sebelum sempit".

Yeah past few weeks really taught me how to appreciate your seriously i really in fast lane.everything must be executed well and according to their timelines.

let me tell u what i did in December

1-11/12 - LIMA 2011
14-29/12 - prepare for submitting a tender/finish my unfinishs job before year end.
yeah months of works.LOL. (bajet macam ko sorang jek yang busy.poyo jek)

well, its a good learning processes for me actually. To get used of this working world.
If before this, i can say, "nah, works can wait or i should find another options for it" but few weeks ago really taught me "dude, u are the really you gonna do it?"

well enough bout works.actually my schedule for December 2011 is really tight.
From my planner the only date i can take a deep breath is on 29/12/2011.I hope i can really take a deep breath during that date.seriously.

Well, the only reason i can write now is while waiting the printer to finish printing my documents.

wish me well people.i hope i can go through this.

Ok, time to get it finish & done.
See you in new year.


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