Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm in mess

Hello.Yeah its been 8 days we enter the year 2012.
All I can say last week,i messed seems like my emotions controlled all over my body.
yeah I dunno wat to say but sometimes i think i am so desperate.
desperate to find the love one,find a girlfriend.
Man, seriously i hate this feeling.Its like controlling me from doing anythings right.
I hope it will end soon.

I wish i can be one heartless guy.At least for a moment so i can concentrate to what im suppose to do now.yeah.

And U, how come i always dreaming about u?I guess u are still there.Inside my broken-pieces of heart.Yeah i hope you do well there.I dont care if this entry will make me as a douchebag, but i have to admit that i always thinking of you without no reason.Sometimes make me wanna ask, are you going it the same?

There goes my whole week.

Alright peeps.I guess its Melati MODE.


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