Monday, March 7, 2011


Dear Akuganjil,

Its being a long time since early year that i updated u.sorry for long hiatus.i just dun have the net and story to update u.even by this time i still dun have any to share with u.for real.So today,since i dunno what to do, i guess the right thing to do is to doodle something here.Yeah.Its been 6months here i'm at Kuala Lumpur.A lot of things happened.I just hv to adapt and accept about changes.yeah, u see for example, 6 months ago I met this guy with a car and last 2 days i saw him and he already changed his car.Dude, congratz man.yeah! i mean for 6 months u managed to get yourself a new car.That's a change.Another example, I stalked this girl 6 months ago with no ring at her finger and just now i stalked her again and for my surprise, this girl are married.Yeah congratz to you.

Then, u just tell how people are changing, and how about u dude??yeah u the one who owned this blog?

As for me,I changed to.I managed to gain myself a few kilos and be noticeable by my friend.That's the change too, right? I change my cribs from zero to something i can so-called-sg lui.Not a big change.Oh and yeah i grew my hair too.yeah its getting medium long and i'm so not uncomfortable with it but at the same time i just wanna hide my round face to be i grew my hair a lil bit long so it will be match to my

I guess i dun have any to share with u akuganjil. Hope to write again later.just wait for it as i try to catch back my old habits and try to upgrade it to make me a better person.InsyaAllah.

yeah, that's all from me now.Peace.

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unknown said...

ko da berubah!